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Who's your unsung hero or heroine? Who do you think is so inspiring and deserve to be recognised by the Malawi Community in UK at The Malawi Achievers Awards 2016.

We are looking to find the stars of Pride of the Malawi Community. They can be of any age, from any walk of life and from any part of the United Kingdom, but, one thing they must be is extraordinary. Perhaps you know a Malawian child or adult who has displayed remarkable courage, a gutsy neighbour who has improved your area, a tireless charity fund-raiser or campaigner or an exemplary Student, dedicated Malawian Association, or outstanding business entrepreneurs who addresses / supports Malawians community services/needs or Role Models who have given up their time to help others? People who go that extra mile for the sake of others.

We want to hear about them now. It's free and easy to nominate them. Simply fill in the nomination form now.

Our team of researchers consider every nomination. Then, from a short-list of finalists, the Malawi community will select the winners who will be revealed on 16th April 2016.

Malawi Achievers Awards is an event for Malawi Association UK whose  objectives are:

  1. To recognise and reward people who are making a positive difference to the Malawi community in the UK.
  2. To identify individuals with varying potential to live their dreams and further their ambitions so they can put Malawi on the global stage.
  3. To develop the capacity and skills of people with varying needs in United Kingdom as the trustees may from time to time think fit, in such a way that they are better able to help meet their needs as well as to participate more fully in society.
  4. To show a token of appreciation to People, Charities and Organisations from here in UK that are making a positive difference in Malawi.
  5. To bring Malawians and friends of Malawi from all walks of life together to share ideas and knowledge, networking and also to promote Malawi culture especially among the younger generation.